the reel in reelwoman

I have been fishing on borrowed reels this year. No longer. From today forward this reelwoman will start fishing with the Waterworks-Lamson Arx. I was seeking a reel truly fit for my Winston BIIX. The fact that the Arx is also matte black and awesome looking makes it an even better match for me! In reading the reviews I think Pacific Fly Fishers has phrased this best, “They are bad-ass-looking reels with a matte black, super tough finish utilizing Waterworks-Lamson’s type III anodized Hard Alox finish.” Well said.

I will test this new reel soon and write a review. In the meantime I am very impressed with the review on MidCurrent. If this review is accurate, then I will be very happy!

Thank you to Mr. G for being kind and generous and supporting my (our) addictive hobby. :) I hope I can live up to this tough looking reel by reeling in a Steelhead one day.

arx 3

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